Whole wheat bao Bun

Wholewheat Bao with Charsiu & Steamed Bok Choy

Standard: 557 kCal – Carbohydrates (55%); Fat (17%); Protein (28%) Standard (557kCal – C 55%, F17%, P 28%): contains Gluten/Wheat, Soya, Sesame

Vegan box: 544kCal – Carbohydrates (59%); Fat (26%); Protein (15%)

Ingredients: Multigrain mini baguette, lemongrass chicken / Tofu (Vegan), Thai riceberry, shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumber, homemade daikon & carrot pickle, home-made chilli sauce.

Whole wheat Bao bun with Char Siu

Standard box: contains Crustaceans, Gluten/Wheat, Soya, Sesame

Vegan box: contains Gluten/Wheat, Soya, Sesame

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