F2FD – Sweet Potato Quesadilla

A healthy take on Mexican kitchen’s gem – quesadilla. Typically filled with cheese, F2FD’s version is loaded with spiced sweet potato, black beans, charred corns, kale, and just a sprinkle of cheese.

TIP: Best to reheat on pan, toaster, or oven

Healthy Quesadilla

Standard Box – Quesadilla with shredded chicken

  • Main: Whole wheat tortilla, sweet potato, black beans, paprika, sweet corns, Mexican spices, kale
  • Side: Avocado, cherry tomato, coriander

Vegan Box – The same goodness minus the chicken and plus shredded tofu

Nutrition Info

  • Standard box: 537kCal – Carbohydrates 41%); Fat (35%); Protein (24%)
  • Vegan box: 520kCal – Carbohydrates (42%); Fat (38%); Protein (30%)

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