About Food2Fit Deli

Food2Fit Deli is part of Food2Life – a nutrition and lifestyle brand that aspires to bring a healthy lifestyle beyond food to the wider community.

Founded by Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Food2Fit Deli understands the importance of both physical and spiritual food to our well-being.

Our Missions

Food2Fit Deli is missioned to bring YOU healthy and tasty food with daily meal subscription plans that are adapted to your nutrition preferences and logistic convenience. We commit to creating food that not only taste good but is also beneficial to your health – thus an everyday healthful meal rather than an occasional treat.

Through subscription plans with different options of meal variety and delivery frequencies, Food2Fit Deli wants to bring you the utmost convenience and flexibility to fit in your work week and lifestyle.

So allow yourself to focus on professional productivity and indulge in life experiences. Let us take away your worries and time spent on designing, planning, meal-prepping, and getting the right foods for your body and mind. Let us make healthy eating real simple and effortless!

Our Values

What We Are:

Food2Fit Deli creates its meals on the principle of a sustainable & balanced diet with:

  • Daily changing menu by Holistic Nutrition Health Coach
  • Vegan options available
  • Flexible and convenient subscription plans
  • Fresh, wholesome & seasonal foods
  • Balanced macro-nutrient profile
  • Free of additives and conservatives
  • Careful ingredient selection process
  • Healthy preparation methods

Every day, we design and plan you the most nutritious menu, carefully select each and every ingredient, cook your food with passion and care, then pack and deliver your meal with a happy thought of you enjoying your food with utmost pleasure and convenience

Created by a Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, each and every F2FD meal is designed to best serve your essential nutritional needs while, very often, offers you an adventure into new foods and flavours

We encourage healthy eating habits in combination with physical movements and exercises

What We Are Not:

  • Deep-frying
  • Overindulgence of fats, sodium, sweeteners
  • Artificial flavour enhancers or enhancing techniques that mask the natural flavours of food
  • Promoting any specific diets or fad diet trends

About our Founder

  • Ha Pham is a former Investment Manager who stepped out of her promising financial career to found Food2Fit Deli and Food2Life in 2018.
  • Throughout her 10 years working at the Financial District in Amsterdam, she experienced a struggle that is shared by many other professionals – the food choices! Despite a lot of options around, she found it hard to find a combination of “tasty” and “healthy” in ready-meals or food on-the-go. The offers are often abundant with fast, low-nutrition or indulgent foods while good ones come at the expense of time, awareness, effort, knowledge, and money, or from one’s own kitchen.
  • As a Holistic Health Coach graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition – the world’s largest online nutrition school based in New York, Ha brought her aspiration to transform the definition of convenience food into the visions of Food2Fit Deli – a trusted brand that brings taste, joy, and health to your plate with just one-click.